AmeriPharma’s premier pharmacy services are available in multiple states throughout the US.

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Visiting AmeriPharma Infusion Center

Scheduling your next visit and checking suite availability is easy. Simply contact us online or call us at (714) 551-6629.

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Physician Referral

If your physician has prescribed infusion therapy, speak with him or her about our Center. We offer complete coordination with referring physicians, with real-time online access to notes and reports about your care, electronic messaging with a clinical support team, close communication with our nurses, and convenient referral tracking. For more information, visit our Providers page.

Appointment Scheduling

Many medications are intended to be administered on a precise schedule. Appointment times are arranged for the convenience of patients while adhering to the infusion or injection schedule prescribed by the physician.

Before Your Treatment

To ensure your visit is as smooth and easy as possible, here is how to prepare for your treatment:

Remember to bring any paperwork you completed prior to your visit.

Make a list of all medications you take regularly, or bring them with you.

You are welcome to bring books or other reading materials, computers, tablets, or other devices. We also offer an array of entertainment options. As a courtesy to others, we ask that you please keep cell phone calls to a minimum.

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When You Arrive

Park in our free reserved spots and check in at the registration desk. The Infusion Nurse Specialist will meet with you to make sure you are comfortable and ready to start your treatment.

In the Infusion Room

Depending on your condition and prescribed treatment, you may need one or multiple treatment appointments. In our private or shared guest suites, sit back and relax during your treatment with an array of digital entertainment options, literature, games, and healthy snacks and beverages. Family and friends are welcome to wait in the reception area or join you during your treatment.

Insurance and Financial Assistance

Every patient at AmeriPharma Infusion Center will be assigned a Patient Care Coordinator who not only assists with appointments and paperwork, but handles all issues relating to insurance and financial assistance. If you have any questions about insurance-related matters, call (714)551-6629.

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