AmeriPharma’s premier pharmacy services are available in multiple states throughout the US.

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Financial Assistance

Over $55 million secured for patients

Our infusion centers provide medical bill assistance to make your treatments more affordable. Patients and their families can rest easy with our copay assistance programs.

Our high-tech software finds foundation programs that offer you the greatest patient financial assistance.

One of our expert team members will help you complete the necessary applications.

Alerts about the status of the medical bill assistance will be sent to you and your healthcare team.

When it comes to getting the treatment you need, we want to help you find ways to lower your out-of-pocket costs.

AmeriPharma™ believes that medication should be accessible to all who need them, and we have access to a variety of programs to help support patients and make it easier for them to afford their medicines.

Whether you have commercial insurance, government-based coverage or even no insurance at all, we can help you find programs and foundations to help pay for your infusion.

Our copay assistance team helps infusion patients pay for their eligible out-of-pocket drug and infusion-related expenses such as the compounding and administration of the drug and infusion supplies such as saline and IV tubing. This includes copays, co-insurance, and deductibles.

How It Works

Patients With Health Insurance Coverage

If your treatment needs prior authorization, we’ll coordinate with your insurance company and physician for approval. With copay assistance programs and knowledgeable staff, we’ll help you get the approvals needed to start our infusion services.

AmeriPharma Infusion Center™ will work with the proper channels to achieve the approvals you need for your infusion treatments. Your insurance may have no out-of-pocket costs, but we will always help you get the lowest cost should a copay be required.

Patients Without Health Insurance Plans

You can receive patient financial assistance even if you aren’t currently covered by an insurance plan. We’ll help to reduce your financial burden for infusion treatments by researching the best copay assistance programs and financial assistance foundations that you can qualify for.

Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D, which is also known as the Medicare prescription drug benefit, is a government program that can help patients by reducing or covering the price of prescription drugs. Our expert staff members can help explain the benefits of Medicare Part D to you and inform you about how copay assistance programs can be used in combination with Medicare Part D. Together, we can help you get maximum coverage and minimize your infusion treatment costs.

Call 714-551-6629 or contact us now to chat with a team member about patient financial assistance for our treatments.